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  • Learn to code: Ruby on Rails

    Kickstart your web development career!

    Ruby on Rails

    Used by Web Developers across the world as the fastest and most comprehensive way to build a web application.  Implements the MVC framework, and has powered websites such as Twitter, AirBNB, and Shopify.  Easy to get started, a relatively simple learning curve, and in demand by everyone from startups to corporations worldwide.
    If you are still wondering why would you learn RoR, read this list of 20 reasons why every web developer should learn it!


    Michael Pell is a professional web developer working in the industry for over five years.  Specializing in Rails, he has also helped many students start a career in web development including a couple who have gone on to have companies accepted at places like Y-combinator. 

    About the program

    The goal is teach how to make a simple web application using Ruby on Rails. We will be teaching the MVC framework (the most common web development pattern) and how Rails implements it. You will get a glimpse of the entire process from database to end-user, and will provide an excellent starting point for future career in web development. The course is imagined as a great starting point for web development.


    The course is designed for rookies, but you have to come here prepared by bringing your own computer with installed Ruby and Rails program. You also have to be English proficient, as the course is held in English language.

    Time & Place

    Course lasts 9 hours in total, divided in three modules, held during three days (23rd - 25th September 2015). Each module starts at 12:00 and lasts until 15:00. Course will be organized in Klub mladih Split (adress: Ruđera Boškovića 20, 21000 Split, Croatia).


    Price of ticket for one person is 180kn. The number of students is limited to 20.
  • Learning outcomes

    This is what you will learn.

    Ruby on Rails Framework

    The Ruby on Rails framework encompasses the entire web application.  It manages everything from the database to the front-end.  We will make a web interface to respond to user input.  We will manage a back-end database to store information and serve it up to the user.

    The MVC Development Pattern

    MVC is used as an application design pattern by everything from iOS to JavaScript frameworks to standard Web Development.  We will learn why it is popular, as well as how it is implemented by Rails.

    A little Heroku and Bootstrap

    Heroku is an easy web application deployment tool.  With just a few commands you can have a website running live on the real internet.
    Bootstrap is a popular CSS framework for making flexible, responsive website designs.
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